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The Challenges Ahead


As every other manufactured product, microfibers’ environmental impact is not irrelevant. As an end-product of fossil fuels it drains the earth’s resources and in its production stage there is still some level of toxicity involved.

But considering all the negative aspects of producing leather, the cruelty to which animals are subject and the massive consequences to our environment, we strongly believe that manufactured materials along with the constant introduction of innovation in the textile industry are leading us towards a cleaner future.

Being aware of the exhaustion of ecosystems around us and the continuing consumption of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, we carefully selected as main material for our uppers an eco-friendly microfiber, with 55% recycled polyamide in its composition. The fact that the polyurethane contained in this material is also completely recyclable and solvent-free, consuming less water and energy than those required for leather production is testament to our commitment to use the newest, safest, most ethically sourced and sustainable options available today.


A good part of the metals we use are made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. The mining of copper has a high environmental impact, especially since it doesn’t break down in the environment and may end up in water sources located around mines. Because brass is an alloy, the recycling process causes the end product to be of lesser quality and, at Ballūta, we don’t ever want to compromise on quality.

It is our mission to create high-standard shoes that can last for a lifetime, not a season. This is why we select materials that are durable and why we trust the shoes we produce will be kept for many years or even handed-down to someone, preventing the brass from ending up in a landfill.