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Vegan, Sustainable, Traceable, Fair

The Materials

We make our shoes from eco-friendly vegan leathers, textiles produced in Europe and carefully sourced components. Our goal is to keep growing sustainably and continue to introduce better alternatives.



Ecological vegan leather is the best of the best when it comes to sustainably sourced vegetarian leathers. Made in Spain with no solvents this microfiber is crafted from recycled polyamide which looks and feels exactly like, or arguably better than, leather.


Shiny vegan leathers have been quite infamous for years as their main ingredient is Polyvinyl Chloride, the most toxic and hazardous plastic still commonly used today even though its entire life cycle is toxic, leaching lead, cadmium, dioxins, phthalates and mercury into the environment.
We are proud to have found an alternative for the beautiful smooth and crisp patent leather finish without nasty PVC.



The lining of some of our shoes is made from a microfibre made in Italy, recognised by its outstanding antibacterial performance. Extremely soft and breathable, it is the only material that passed our test when it comes to keeping the feet fresh and clean all day long!


Our continuous search for well-performing materials that are also kind on the environment, lead us to recently discover a new lining made from cereal seeds and renewable PU sources produced with zero carbon dioxide emissions. We are thrilled to already be using this material in our new designs!


Shoe metals are usually made of brass or zamak and they usually have a beautiful, smooth and inexpensive shiny finish applied to them made from nickel. But this material is a known allergen and many people develop rashes. We couldn’t have this happen when you wear our beautiful shoes so all our metals in contact with the skin are proudly nickel-free.


Heels are a tricky shoe part when you think of sustainable options because they need to be strong, reliable and flexible enough which is a lot to ask of any material. Heels can usually be made of wood, nylon, polycarbonate, metal or cork.
At Ballūta, we are always on the lookout for the best options and, so far, we came across two really good alternatives:

Some of our heels are made of cork lined with wood sheet, a perfectly sustainable solution that will guarantee comfort, durability and good looks all together.

We also use heels made from ABS, a sturdy thermoplastic with great resistance to impact (i.e. will not easily break or need to be replaced) and a relatively low footprint on the environment which can also be 100% recycled without any loss of properties.