What we fight for

Creating a vegan shoe brand today is still a challenging task. We knew from the beginning that Ballūta’s core concern was to make high-quality shoes that respected both animal wellbeing and the protection of bio-diversity. So not only we have excluded any animal-derived materials from our shoes but we are constantly researching for the best eco-friendly synthetic and natural materials available today!

Besides leather, any other animal-derived materials commonly used in footwear are not used in the making of our shoes: these include fur, wool, silk, bees wax, feathers or animal-based glues.

Sustainable is the new Cool

Our Materials

We make our shoes from eco-friendly vegan leathers, textiles produced in Europe and nickel-free metals. Our goal is to keep growing sustainably and continue to introduce better alternatives.

The great majority of materials we use are certified and produced in the EU, helping reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally and mainly reassuring us that they comply with sustainability and labour standards as well as producing minimal waste. Traceability is one of our big concerns and we can account for the origins of 90% of the materials involved in the making of a pair of Ballūta shoes.

And because transparency is an important part of our project we will also update any information about new materials we introduce in the making of our shoes.

Our Materials

Our Factory

An essential part of our project is the assurance that our shoes are ethically produced and our supply-chain is transparent.

One of the biggest problems throughout the fashion industry today is the exploitation of workers being paid very low wages and working under inhumane conditions, often putting their health and lives at risk.

We are fiercely against this and that is why at Ballūta we chose to work closely with a family-run Portuguese factory in São João da Madeira where we can guarantee workers are respected, getting a proper wage and making our beautiful shoes under safe and dignified conditions.

Committing with the Future Now

With a sustainable underlying vision in mind, our commitment is to strive to improve our business’ footprint and constantly broaden our awareness to what may be the possible changes to introduce to both the materials we use and also our supply-chain. We acknowledge this is a work-in-progress project involving a continuous updating and learning process to which we happily look forward to!

All materials used for branding and transport purposes - from the shoe box to our business cards- are made from recycled and recyclable certified paper which is 100% post - consumer waste. We use the smallest possible size shoe-box to ensure we also reduce resource consumption.

Although certifications aren’t our ultimate goal, they serve as an important starting point from which we can develop even further our aspiration to an even more sustainable business. We are proud to announce that we’ve been certified by PETA as approved vegan.

The challenges ahead