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Algae Collection I

Inspired by the origins of life, Algae collection invites us to look into our past to rediscover endless possibilities for our future.

For Autumn-Winter, the aquatic inspiration morphs into a darker scenario, where water and light are felt through hints of patent finishes applied to fleshy cutout styles reminiscent of the strangeness found in sea bottom creatures.

Bulbous wooden heels and contrast-colour soles add sharpness and a crisp modernist charisma.


Photography: Mafalda Silva @mafaldasilva
Model: Karen Christinne
Styling: Sara Soares @cestfantastiquestyling
Set Design: Mafalda Silva & Catarina Pedroso
Hair & Makeup: Catarina Pedroso
Production: Ricardo Duarte
Creative Content: Catarina Venâncio