The Brand

Ballūta is on a mission to create edgy conscious footwear for the modern woman.

Our shoes are entirely designed and produced in Portugal, using traditional techniques and high-end eco-friendly materials which reflect our commitment with sustainability.

At Ballūta, we always keep in mind the challenges women face every day and our plan to help out is by designing collections with a versatile approach fit for every moment of your life.

We believe that something worth keeping should be able to last for a lifetime, so our ultimate goal is to make shoes which not only look and feel good on your feet but are also right for the planet.

Our Name

Ballūta is the archaic origin of the portuguese word for oak nut – bolota. When thinking about how we would name our brand, we wanted to make sure we chose a name with a meaning that represented our belief in sustainable practices and the effort we put into creating shoes “the better way”.

Bolota is the fruit of the majestic cork oak tree, a native to southern Portuguese montado forests and, to us, the perfect example of what sustainability is: being the only tree that continuously produces a natural material – cork – that can be collected every 9 years without menacing the tree’s own existence and thus ensuring the survival of its ecosystem and the livelihood of families who, for generations, keep and care for this landscape.

Our Story

Ballūta’s seed was planted years ago when a young girl born to a bull-fighter family decided one day she would stand up for the rights of the animals she so strongly wanted to defend. Many years would pass and this girl, now a grownup, looked and looked for vegan shoes and she couldn’t find any she liked. That’s when she thought: “why don’t I design them myself?”

This is the question that grew in Catarina Pedroso’s mind until she decided to make it into her lifelong dream to use her artsy background on a creative project with a purpose.

Inspired by an empowered on-the-go woman like yourself Ballūta finally came to life and now Catarina’s days are spent designing shoes, searching for the newest materials and making sure animals and people are respected along the way.